TRAP TEAM

Welcome to the Bentworth Bearcats Trap Team Site. The Bearcats Trap Team was founded in 2016 by the officers and members of the Ellsworth Sportsmen's Club Inc. With approval from the Bentworth School District  WPIAL and the ATA the Bearcat Trap Team was formed. Due to Washington County having a strong heritage with hunting and shooting sports the purpose of the trap team was for adolescent teens both male and female to have the opportunity to shoot trap on a competitive level against other school districts. The Bearcats home trap range is the Ellsworth Sportsmen's Club located in Scenery Hill, Pa. The team consists of both male and female shooters ranging from 6th grade to 12th that are enrolled in the Bentworth School District or other school districts with their athletic directors approval. All shooters completed a Pa Hunter Safety Course or a NRA shotgun safety course and hold at least a 2.0 GPA to be able to participate. All shooters supply there own uniforms, safety equipment and firearms 12ga or 20ga. The team is headed up by seasoned experienced trap shooter/coaches from the Ellsworth Sportsmen's Club which all have PA ACT 24,34 and 151 clearance and scholastic support from the Bentworth School District.  

2020 Bentworth trap teaM STANDINGS

2nd place in conference.

Top male: drew ivcic

top female: caroline mock

State and national competitions cancelled for 2020.

   2020 Coaching Staff

Frank Kinney Asst Coach

Jeff Baldauf Head Coach

Joseph Bular Coach

Bentworth Trap Team 2020 Seniors.jpg


Ross Bular (right) placed 18th in the natioinals in 2019

Bentworth Trap Team 2019.jpg




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